Why Vending On Demand

Healthy vending machines for businesses, schools, and other locations.

We are passionate about offering healthier, more convenient, and accessible food and drink options to everyone, and our state-of-the-art machines are designed to deliver just that.

Let us work with you to provide an exceptional customer and employee experience at your business location, with more options than ever before.


Our Services

Healthy Vending Made Easy


The right machine for your business, with the newest technology available in the world.


We customise the machine for your location. We'll work with you to ensure the best customer experience.


Enjoy a percentage of the sales at the end of every month.

Win win! 


About Us

Our journey began when we noticed a lack of healthy food and drink options available in vending machines.

We found that many people on the go were forced to choose between unhealthy snacks and drinks, or going without. We knew there had to be a better way. That's when we decided to create a healthier vending machine that could offer a range of alternative and convenient options.

Our Machines

Level 3 Vending Machines with latest technology

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and commitment to our clients. We offer full-service vending, which means we are responsible for fixing any problems with our machines in less than 96 hours, and our machines are restocked at least twice a week. More if needed!