The Ultimate Poolside Companion

Dive Into Convenience with Swim on Demand

Swim on Demand brings unparalleled convenience to swimming pools, leisure centers, and resorts with a specially curated vending solution. Alongside a selection of healthy snacks and drinks similar to our Health on Demand offerings, Swim on Demand uniquely caters to aquatic enthusiasts by providing high-quality swimming essentials such as goggles, towels, and swim equipment, proudly partnering with Zoggs to ensure premium quality and performance.

Tailored to Aquatic Lifestyles

Understanding the specific needs of swimmers and water sports aficionados, Swim on Demand machines are stocked to serve as a one-stop shop for both nourishment and swim gear. Whether it’s a quick energy boost with nutritious snacks or grabbing a pair of professional-grade Zoggs goggles, our vending solution enhances the swimming experience by making essentials easily accessible right when and where they’re needed.

Features at a Glance:

  • Diverse Product Range: From hydrating beverages and healthy bites to the latest in swim technology and accessories provided by Zoggs, our selection is designed to meet the dynamic needs of swimmers and pool visitors.
  • Customization and Quality: Leveraging our partnership with Zoggs, we ensure that the swim equipment offered is of the highest quality, complementing our health-focused snack and drink options, all customizable based on location.
  • Advanced Vending Technology: Swim on Demand machines feature intuitive interfaces and support various payment options, including NFC, mobile pay, and traditional methods, ensuring a smooth and swift transaction.
  • Eco-Conscious and User-Friendly: Our machines are energy-efficient and built with user safety in mind, featuring regular sanitization and contactless payment for a clean and secure access to products.
  • Versatility and Accessibility: Perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor aquatic centers, our machines provide swimmers with quick access to swim gear and refreshments, making them an essential addition to any water-based recreation area.

Why Swim on Demand?

Swim on Demand stands out as a comprehensive vending solution that not only offers a boost of nutrition but also ensures that swimmers have quick access to essential swim gear and equipment, thanks to our partnership with Zoggs. This collaboration elevates the selection of products, ensuring that every swim session is supported by the best in class.

Ideal for enhancing the convenience and enjoyment of swimmers at your facility, Swim on Demand is ready to make a splash by offering quality, convenience, and variety, all from a single vending machine. Bring the ultimate poolside companion to your location and let your patrons dive into the convenience that Swim on Demand provides.