The Ultimate Vending Solution for Health and Fitness

The Fit on Demand vending machine represents a groundbreaking approach to on-the-go nutrition and wellness, offering a wide assortment of health-focused food, beverages, and comprehensive supplement selections. Beyond its cutting-edge Crane dispensing system that ensures the safety and integrity of every product, Fit on Demand is integrated with a robust loyalty program and user-friendly app, enhancing the customer experience with every purchase.

Innovative Dispensing and Safety Features: Equipped with an automatic door and precise sensors, the machine protects products and users alike, with a large tempered glass window showcasing the offerings while safeguarding against damage. Adjustable slots accommodate a vast range of product sizes, ensuring each item is dispensed securely and without harm.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: H:1992mm, W:2860mm, D:930mm
  • Weight: 710kg
  • Temperature Range: Adjustable from 6-25°C
  • Capacity: Up to 1587 pcs, varying by product size
  • Selections: 6 shelves, 28 slots each
  • Power Supply: AC 110V~240V, 50/60HZ

Advanced Payment Solutions and Loyalty Program: Fit on Demand supports an array of payment methods, including bill, coin, credit card, and cashless payments, alongside QR code scanning for a frictionless transaction. With our dedicated app, users can enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Loyalty Rewards: Buy 9 drinks and receive the 10th for free, encouraging repeat usage and customer satisfaction.
  • No Credit Card Fees: App transactions are free from additional credit card fees, offering a cost-effective purchase experience.
  • Cashback Offers: Selected products come with cashback rewards, providing more value with every purchase.

Versatile and Customizable for Any Setting: Ideal for a multitude of environments such as gyms, schools, offices, and more, this machine is a versatile solution for locations aiming to provide healthy, accessible food and supplement options. Its design and functionality are tailored to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious consumers, with the ability to customize product offerings based on specific dietary preferences.

Elevating Customer Experience with Technology: The integration of a loyalty program and an intuitive app sets Fit on Demand apart, making it more than just a vending machine—it’s a comprehensive wellness platform. From safety features to customizable advertising and environmental sustainability, it’s designed to enhance locations by offering convenient, healthy choices while rewarding customer loyalty.

Fit on Demand is not only a step forward in vending machine technology but also a leap towards a healthier, more satisfied consumer base, backed by a system that values and rewards their choices.