Size H:1992 mm, W:2860 mm, D:930 mm
Payment SystemBill, Coin, Credit-Card, Cashless Payment, QR Code Payment etc.
Weight   710 kg
Temperature  6-25°C(adjustable)
Selections6 shelves with 28 slots on each shelf
Power supply AC 110V~240V, 50/60HZ
Capacity1587 pcs(according to the size of goods)
OptionalWechat QR Pay, Ali QR Pay, Membership card/IC card payment functions
ApplicationsSchools, banks, offices, factories, parks, subway stations, airports, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls etc.

A redesigned Crane system that ensures the safe dispensing of products can be described as follows:

The system includes an automatic door equipped with sensors that detect the presence of hands or products. The door opens and closes smoothly and quickly to prevent any pinching or crushing of the products or hands.

To enable customers to see the products, the system features a large full-view window made of tempered glass. The glass is durable, anti-explosion and anti-vandalism, ensuring that it can withstand any accidental impacts or attempts at tampering.

Additionally, the system includes universal slots that are compatible with a wide range of products. This feature ensures that different products can be dispensed safely and without damage. The slots are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of products, ensuring that all products are secure and do not move around during the dispensing process.

Overall, this redesigned Crane system offers a reliable and effective way to dispense products safely, ensuring that customers receive undamaged products every time.